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Bifold doors: why your Perth home definitely needs them

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Bifold doors are immaculately beautiful, giving your home that elegant, indoor-outdoor flow that is so sought after in modern homes. But not only this, bifold doors provide your home with an energy efficient, light-filled solution that everybody can appreciate!

If you’ve been considering installing the best bifold doors Perth has to offer, then here are seven reasons why you’re onto a winning solution:

  1. Bifold doors really let the light in

Living in a dimly lit home is grim. There is nothing worse than waking up on what turns out to be a sunny day, only to realise your 50cm X 20cm opaque windows won’t allow it.

Enter bifold doors. The ultimate renovator’s door, these massive, clear doors allow all of that beautiful sunlight into huge swathes of the home.

  1. They are safe

Bifold doors come with a huge range of safety features that make them incredibly difficult to surpass. Bifold doors come with high-security tracks and have an intelligent locking system spread across the tracks, making it harder and more time-consuming for intruders to pass through (this can be quite easily done with one door panel).

Secondly, bifold doors come with double glazed, reinforced glass that are truly difficult to smash. So, if in the unfortunate event of an intruder trying to brick their way through your doors, they are going to have an extremely hard time doing so, plus they will probably run out of time before the police come and take them in for questioning.

  1. They optimise your home’s energy efficiency

Double glazed doors are one of the most energy-efficient installations you can have in your home. Why? Because the reinforced, double glazed glass has the ability to keep in the heat in winter and cool in summer, ensuring you don’t have to have your air conditioning and heating systems on all day just to keep comfortable.

  1. They are a joy to clean

Sure, cleaning is a chore, and not everybody likes spending their weekends doing it, but at least bifold doors make the chore that much easier! As they have large glass panels all you have to do is get the window cleaner onto them and give them a quick wipe, with the whole series being done in a matter of minutes.

  1. They bring nature into the home

People are looking for their home to have a more natural feel. Whether it’s raising houseplants or sprucing up the garden, the urban expansion is making city and rural town homeowners dream of a more natural home.

Bifolds are perfect for this as they provide a clear view out to the garden, bringing a heightened sense of greenery into the living room, kitchen and beyond.

  1. They are really elegant

Bifold doors are impressively elegant. Seriously, with the above benefits and the fact they look incredible, who really wouldn’t want these doors in their home. They are also a throwback to an era where outdoor time was more favoured, to mid century style that is making such a roaring comeback - they could be the first aspect of your new mid century reno!

  1. They are just perfect for the home

These doors are stunning, really, and there is no better way to make your home look really stylish, light-filled and all about nature whilst making the home safer and more energy efficient.

This is why bifold doors are taking Perth homes by storm - they are simply divine.


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