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10 Signs of a Termite Infestation

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Termites are a common problem for homeowners in Australia. While you may be able to spot some signs of termite infestation, others can be more difficult to detect until it’s too late.

This article will go over the tell-tale signs of a termite infestation so that you'll know what to look out for.

Signs of a Termite Infestation

  1. Hollow or Flaking Wood

Termites are attracted to both moisture and wood. So, if you notice that there are hollow or flaking sections on any part of your home's structure, this could indicate that termites have been eating away at it.

  1. Holes in Wood

Holes in wood are a clear sign of termites. You can sometimes see them gnawing on the wood, but more often, you will only see their tunnels which is a great warning sign that you may need some professional help.

  1. Tight Doors or Windows

If you notice that your windows and doors are difficult to open or close, then this could be a sign of termite infestation. This is usually because the wood has been weakened by the termites eating away at it from inside.

  1. Droppings

Termites leave droppings behind as they eat away at the wood of your home. You may see small piles of sawdust or mud pellets around the house, which are actually fecal matter from the termites.

  1. Discarded Wings

Discarded wings are another sign of termites. Termites shed their wings several times during their life cycle, so you might find them in your home. Look for small pieces of wing near wood that's been chewed by termites.

  1. Mud Packing

Termites often build mud tubes above ground or within a few feet of the surface. This is how they travel from one area to another. If you see small piles of mud on or near your house, then be on the lookout for more evidence of activity.

  1. Sagging Flooring

Sagging flooring can indicate the presence of termites. This is because the wood that has been eaten away by termites will sag and not support the weight of people or furniture anymore.

  1. White Ants

If you see white ants around your home, then you could actually be looking at termites. Some termites have white colour scales on their bodies, so be careful not to mistake them for ants.

  1. Damp Spots

Damp spots throughout your home can also be a sign of termite infestation. A combination of moisture from leaking pipes or water damage combined with the warmth generated by the colony will create condensation on the walls and ceilings near their nest sites.

  1. Clicking Sounds

Clicking sounds are a clear sign of a termite infestation. These insects use their jaws to chew through wood, so you will sometimes hear them clicking away in your walls or floors. If you hear this sound, it's time to call in a professional pest control company.


Termites are easy to identify if you know what to look for. Remember, if you do notice any of the warning signs discussed in this article, then be sure to contact professional pest controllers as soon as possible before the termites spread throughout your home and make matters even worse.


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