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Popular Styles of Wedding Bouquets

Have you considered adding a little spice to your wedding ceremony with a bouquet of aromatic herbs and spices like garlic and thyme? If you haven’t, why not try?

You might call the idea absurd and unusual, but that’s precisely how the tradition of clutching a wedding bouquet originated in Greek, Roman, and Egyptian civilizations.

What started as a tradition in the belief of warding off evil spirits has now evolved into a breathtaking expression of style and sentiment. Today’s floral bouquets are magnificent displays of style and personality and comprise flowers of various colors, scents, and textures, crafted beautifully by experts like Thanks a Bunch Florist.

Whether you believe in evil spirits or not, we know you want your wedding bouquet to be meaningful and magical. Here are 10 of the most popular floral wedding bouquet styles you could use to add color, spice, and personality to your wedding day.

  1. Cascading Bouquet

What goes with a flowy wedding dress? A cascading bouquet that’s equally flowy. Held together at the handheld base, the cascading flower bouquet drapes elegantly to the sides, much like a waterfall of florals and foliage. Very often these bouquets can be oversized and sometimes can reach the floor.

Princess Diana famously chose a cascading bouquet approximately 40 inches long, composed of gardenias, ivy, myrtle, and stephanotis, perfectly enhancing the grandeur of her gown.

  1. Nosegay Bouquet

Distinguished by its simple and petite look, nosegay bouquets often feature a few stems of the same flower. If you are looking for something simple and nothing too overwhelming to clutch, this minimalistic clutch would be an excellent addition to your wedding look.

Generally, these bouquets are excellent for flower girls, but there’s no rule that you can’t rock it as the main character. If a softer and more unconventional touch is what you are looking for, perhaps walk the aisle with a nosegay bouquet.

  1. Pomander Bouquet

Unconventional yet bolder is the Pomander wedding bouquet, an uncommon yet handy touch to the wedding dress. The pomander wedding bouquet is a floral ball suspended at the wrist by a ribbon.

These whimsical bouquets are mostly carried by flower girls for their bearing convenience and can be used as decoration. These rounded bouquets offer 360-degree coverage that’s both bold and playful.

  1. Posy Bouquet

Nothing screams tradition and vintage like a posy bouquet. Clutched by iconic brides of history like Meghan Markle, this bouquet capitalizes on contrast and minimalism.

Typically featuring equally long stems around the bouquet bound tightly together to a rounded and symmetric bunch, these are a popular variation for less boho and more traditional weddings.

  1. Round Bouquet

Staying on the classical theme, the round bouquet features symmetry above all, and either a mixture of very similar blooms or a bundle of the same kind.

This bouquet of just flowers and virtually no foliage emanates a classic and more laid-back energy. If simplicity is the secret to your glam, a rounded bouquet of ranunculus, roses, or parrot tulips might just be perfect for you.

  1. Composite Bouquet

Imagine carrying a giant version of your favorite flower down the aisle. Perhaps a rose or a posy large enough to make a bouquet itself.

Composite bouquets are designed with petals of a kind and are glued and shaped to look like a larger iteration of the same flower. Considering the amount of labour that goes into making a composite bouquet this design might slightly be on the more expensive end.

  1. Hand-tied Bouquet

A classic hand-tied bouquet comes tightly bound and wrapped with ribbon at the stems. This bouquet has got multiple variations with some rustic and romantic iterations having the ribbon tied just near the flowers allowing the stems to spread out at the base.

This style can be tailored to match the ribbon color with your wedding dress for a cohesive look.

  1. Biedermeier Bouquet

A Biedermeier wedding bouquet typically features striations of similarly colored flowers. What distinguishes them from their rounded traditional counterparts, is their intentional ring pattern.

Brightly colored flowers like pink ranunculus and purple calla lilies are popular picks for Biedermeier wedding bouquets. While uncommon, this design can add a speck of glimmer and uniqueness to your bridal ensemble.

  1. Asymmetrical Bouquet

Different from commonly seen rounded and symmetrical counterparts, asymmetrical bouquets are a symbol of vibrance and iconic independence.
This increasingly popularized bouquet can include a mixture of florals and foliage and is usually distinctively different on either side in terms of size, color, and design. Let your whims take over and get creative with this type of bouquet!

  1. Crescent Bouquet

On the more symmetric side of floral designs is the widely-adored crescent bouquet. Crescent bouquets are excellent for ramping up the energy in a romantic garden or outdoor wedding.

You might have guessed it right, these flower bouquets mimic the seamless curvature of a serene crescent moon and curve down on either side. Cascading vines, intentionally structured flowers or foliage can be used to create this tranquil and expressive bouquet.

The easier thing to do is to let your florist come up with something without any input from your side. But, wedding bouquets are meant to denote sentiment and meaning, and therefore, are an integral part of the celebration.

Each bouquet choice is a chance to creatively enhance your wedding theme and make your special day truly unforgettable, so why not use the opportunity?

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