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Healthtech leader releases next-generation CT Brain AI solution for clinical use

Global medical imaging AI leader announced that its latest product release, an AI-enabled software-as-a-medical device (SaMD) decision-support solution for non-contrast CT brain studies is now clinically available in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.  

Annalise Enterprise CTB (Annalise CTB) is the most clinically comprehensive decision support AI solution available on the market. Its innovative algorithm can identify 130 imaging findings, including a wide range of conditions that require time sensitive interventions. Annalise CTB is designed to be an assistive clinical tool, empowering radiologists with a ‘second pair of eyes’ to help them improve diagnostic accuracy and health outcomes for patients.  

Dr Rick Abramson, Chief Medical Officer of, said: "Annalise Enterprise CTB represents an evolutionary leap forward in AI technology for neuroimaging. Whereas most other AI products for head CT can recognise only a small handful of conditions, Annalise CTB assists the radiologist with 130 imaging findings - which means more support for the radiologist and a bigger impact on patient care. In our controlled product launch, we have already seen countless examples of critical pathology that could have been missed but were successfully identified by Annalise CTB." 

The support from Annalise CTB could be particularly impactful to overstretched radiology residents reporting out-of-hours at teaching hospitals and in areas experiencing challenging radiologist capacity constraints.

In addition to assisting with the detection of imaging findings, Annalise CTB is expected to streamline patient care workflows. Analysing non-contrast head CT examinations as they are acquired, the solution can provide a notification signal for urgent cases, helping radiologists to triage high-priority cases in need of rapid action. 

Annalise Enterprise CTB:

  1. Is the first commercially available medical imaging AI solution to detect over 100 findings on non-contrast CT brain scans

  2. Was trained on one of the world’s largest label datasets of non-contrast CT brain studies, hand-labelled by 143 radiologists, generating over 240,000,000 CTB labels

  3. Was designed for clinicians, with features such as a confidence bar for each finding and a user interface that provides seamless integration into a radiologist’s workflow

  4. Automatically highlights the suspected location of findings on multiplanar reformatted images with pathology-appropriate window and level settings 

  5. Demonstrated improvements in reporting accuracy and changes to patient management in a recent 6-week pilot study with 11 radiologists using the solution as an assistive tool. 

The release of Annalise CTB builds on the successful launch of Annalise Enterprise CXR, the world's most comprehensive decision-support AI solution for chest X-ray and, together with Annalise Enterprise CXR, now forms part of the Annalise Enterprise suite of products. Annalise Enterprise is an enterprise IT solution offering healthcare providers access to’s comprehensive AI modules intended to assist clinicians with the interpretation of medical imaging studies. Annalise Enterprise is now in use by many radiologists at a large number of sites in the UK and Australia. The new Annalise CTB module is expected to help continue to work towards its mission to help one million patients every day.  


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