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Clinical Treatment Solutions for Acne and Acne Scarring

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Have you ever considered which acne treatment would be ideal for you?

Well, it goes without saying that medical technology has advanced and now offers a variety of therapies for skin diseases like acne, giving those who suffer from this condition access to these treatments.

Nevertheless, many people still have trouble managing acne despite the variety of treatments available. They used the incorrect therapy method, which is to blame for their struggles. These are some of the various acne treatments that have been described in order to assist many people in choosing the best course of action for their acne.

Broadband light therapy

Based on Intense Pulse Light (IPL) technology, this procedure is also known as a photo facial. In order to eliminate the P. acne bacterium and reduce sebum activity in skin glands, IPL rays at particular wavelengths must be used. This treatment targets the P. acne bacteria and clogged skin pores brought on by sebaceous activity and oil production, which are the main causes of acne.


This procedure involves serum infusion, microdermabrasion, and microneedling. These combinations cause the P. acne bacterium to be neutralised and closed pores to open. Salicylic acid, a component of the serum injected into the afflicted area, aids in clearing blocked pores.

Chemical peels

Because the chemical peels contain salicylic acid, this approach is only utilised for superficial treatment, where acnes are treated by removing dead skin and opening blocked pores.


Similar to broadband light treatment, OMNILUX LED Therapy uses laser beams of a certain wavelength to destroy P.acne bacteria, unblock blocked pores, and activate the body's natural collagen manufacturing mechanism. Particular coloured lights are employed in this therapy, each with a different purpose. The red light is utilised for severe cases of acne therapy while the blue light reduces inflammation while killing P. acnes bacteria.


Exfoliation is used in this procedure to treat acne. Dead skin is removed during exfoliation, which also loosens the skin's layers, unclogs pores, and revitalises the skin.

Medical-grade skincare

There are many different skincare products, however buying medical-grade items is the best and most perfect approach to use skincare products. These are medicines that a dermatologist has recommended for you.

What Is The Best And Ideal Treatment For Acne Scarring?

Avoiding acne scars is a different matter from treating acne. However, it is imperative to be aware of the numerous acne scarring treatments; fortunately, they are described below:


The term "microneedling," "skin needling," or "collagen induction therapy" can all be used to describe this procedure. A microneedle makes tiny channels in the skin, which stimulates the formation of collagen and the body's response to injury.


Trichloroacetic Acid Chemical Reconstruction Of Skin Scars is known by the acronym TCARSS (TCA CROSS). The skin is raised to the same level as the surrounding skin with the application of TCA to deep acne scars using a tool that resembles a toothpick.

Other Acne Scarring treatments include:

Dermal fillers, Microdermabrasion, Subcision, TIXEL, Collagen stimulation, and DERMAFRAC.


With any of the aforementioned treatments, those with acne or acne scars can be sure that they will be able to boast clear skin. To determine the finest and most suitable treatment for your skin type, it is necessary to speak with a dermatologist. This is to prevent you from making costly mistakes.

Effective, clinical acne scarring treatments are widely available and achieve highly successful results. To find out more, contact an experienced Gold Coast skin clinic today.

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