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Cruising is the perfect holiday for singles and solo travellers

Bookings for solo cruise travel are booming as travellers seek the best ways to explore new destinations with others while remaining independent.


With solo cruising on the rise, luxury and ultra-luxury cruise retailer Panache Cruises is advising lone travellers how to make the most of their cruise holiday.


As the popularity of solo cruising continues to rise, cruise lines are responding to demand by fitting more single cabins to new and existing ships, making cruise holidays more accessible for solo travellers.


Whether new to solo travelling or an experienced adventurer, cruising offers safety, an abundance of amenities, flexibility, and a stress-free break to enjoy alone or with fellow cruisers.


Embarking on a solo trip can be daunting for many, so putting your trust into a luxury cruise line is the best way to make sure your trip will be smooth, safe, and stress-free.


Advice includes choosing a smaller luxury line, making the most of group excursions, choosing flexible dining options and making the most of the ship’s amenities.


People wishing to cruise on their own should also look out for special itineraries where the dreaded ‘single supplements’ are waived or kept to an absolute minimum. This enables solo travellers to stay in a twin or double cabin on their own for the price of a single cabin.


Solo travellers are also encouraged to take advantage of the various activities organized by cruise lines so that single and solo travellers to meet on-board. 


James Cole, founder and managing director of Panache Cruises said: “We have seen that bookings for solo and single cruises have boomed since COVID, with travellers looking for new ways to explore the world alone.


“Solo travelling can be daunting for many, with concerns over safety and what could go wrong when booking alone.


“This is why we are encouraging solo adventurers to take all the stress out of travel and into the hands of a cruise provider.


“Choosing a smaller, luxury line ship is always advantageous, but especially when booking a solo trip. The smaller the ship, the more at home guests will feel. With fewer passengers on board, the staff and crew will quickly become accustomed with your wants and needs, to make sure your trip is as pleasant as possible.


“Small things can go wrong when travelling alone, but cruising takes away a lot of the stress and pressure of booking a trip which allows you to visit destinations which are off-the-beaten-track.


“When in port, avoid wandering off alone and getting lost or failing to make it back in time to the ship for the departure time. By joining a group excursion organized by the cruise line, they guarantee that the ship will wait for you should something happen which makes you late. These can be a great way to make new friends and explore safely in a guided group.”.


Here are Panache Cruise’s other tips for solo cruising:



  1. Planning

Choosing the right cruise line, ship and itinerary is going to be essential for your enjoyment. There is a difference between singles and solo cruises. A single cruise has an itinerary specifically designed for single, unattached travellers. Whereas solo cruises are simply cruises which you take as a solo holidaymaker. A singles cruise is a cruise itinerary that’s geared specifically to single, unattached travellers.


Choosing a smaller, luxury cruise ship with less passengers is often preferable for solo cruisers. These ships cater to a few hundred guests, as opposed to a mass market resort with thousands of passengers. Fewer passengers mean a higher guest to crew ratio, allowing you to feel more looked after and catered to while on-board. The camaraderie between guests is also much greater on a small ship, as you will become more familiar with the same faces around the ship.


  1. Excursions

Unlike mainstream cruise lines, many shore-excursions are included in the standard fare when cruising with luxury and ultra-luxury cruise lines, which is great for ‘new to cruise’ customers. Nonetheless, it is still important to research and book in advance. Making the most of your cruise line’s portfolio of excursions is a great way to explore new destinations with newfound friends.


When travelling alone, taking group excursions can be the best way to stay safe, especially if after dark. Guided tours can help you to explore beautiful destinations without being concerned about where you are or how to get back to the ship.


  1. Make the most of the amenities on-board

Luxury and ultra-luxury ships offer some of the most exclusive and indulgent passenger facilities. Travelling solo gives you the ability to personalize your trip and make the most of amenities which suit you the best.


Enjoy top-of-the-range spa / fitness facilities, gourmet cooking classes, shopping in boutique stores or spend some time gambling in the casino. Many luxury cruise lines will also provide art classes, lecture programs with a range of specialist subjects and a full program of entertainment. Those people seeking a quieter venue will be able to retreat to the ship’s library (commonly found on cruise lines such as Oceania Cruises).


  1. Dining options

Some cruise lines ask passengers to choose early or late seating times for dinner and ask you to eat at the same table with the same people, each night. Solo cruisers should instead opt for cruise lines with open seating and flexible timing so you can either dine solo or make impromptu plans with passengers you meet in the daytime. Never feel obliged to sit at the same table with the same people every night; simply ask the Maître d' if you can change your table and sitting time. The buffet restaurants on-board will always be free seated and offer total flexibility.


  1. Personal connoisseur

Many of the staff, especially those on the reception desk, can be busy with other guests at any given time. This can make it difficult to feel like you are receiving the highest levels of personal service. Customers of luxury and ultra-luxury cruises will usually have access to concierge services and even a personal butler, who will provide them with whatever is needed to provide a pleasant stay.


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