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BarraCrab beachfront caravan park and camping ground Clairview

  • Written by Greg Rogers, editor of The Times

There are way too many holiday and adventure options for Australian travellers. Choices have to be made during the planning for or along the way during any road trip or holiday: where to stop overnight ?, where to stay for a few days or a week or more ?

There are the standard "for sure" options in each State or territory. I am thinking Ningaloo Reef at Coral Bay in Western Australia, Mataranka Hot Springs in the Northern Territory, Byron Bay in New South Wales together with the more famous places in Queensland such as Noosa Heads, Airlie Beach and Cairns. There is another Queensland location that is now and will be in the future, on more people's "must see list". That place is Clairview.

Clairview is a tiny town situated on the foreshore of what is perhaps an arm of the Coral Sea. "Town" is probably an exaggeration. Village perhaps. It is not the town that is the must see destination. It is the BarraCrab beachfront caravan park, camping ground, bar and bistro combo.

BarraCrab is a destination in itself.

Clairview is along the way between Rockhampton and Mackay. It is famous for being the only location on that part of the coastal highway that actually is, on the coast.

Just South West of Clairview is a free government operated roadside stop where motorists can stop for the night in a safe harbour like environment with facilities. In my view it is better to go past the very good roadside stop and head for the BarraCrab Caravan Park a few kilometres further if you are coming from the South.

BarraCrab is run by Sharon and Dale and with the help of their staff, they ensure that guests are made to feel welcome.

Things that make BarraCrab special.

Physically it is a beautiful location. It is situated on the beach... it is a quintessential Queensland tropical beach with sand, coconut trees and huge variations in tides.

There are at least two estuaries in Clairview and that is where the Crab part of BarraCrab gets its name. Mudcrabs !

Just near BarraCrab is a very easy to use boat ramp and that is where the Barra part comes in. Head out in a boat and get some Barramundi or catch many other species in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Green Zone. .

The park itself covers many acres and offers powered sites close to the office and bistro, together with wide open spaces for those who can go off grid with their own resources.

Fresh water is from tanks, so bring some of your own drinking water with The Thirsty Nomad Caravan Water Filter or bottled water but for showers and washing, bore water is available.

BarraCrab really is a beachfront caravan park - camping ground. You can back your van or camping trailer right to the extreme high tide mark. Tents are fine too for a room with a view.

BarraCrab facilities

There is a small general store in the reception office.

There is a full restaurant bistro on the beachfront! Think cooked lunches and dinners at keen prices !

There is a licensed bar on the beachfront!

There is a beachfront guest kitchen in the bistro area with fresh drinking water, hot water for washing up and cooking facilities.

There are some outdoor gas BBQ's around the park as well.

There are many self contained cabins at BarraCrab and these would suit people taking an overnight break on the long road from "Rocky" to Mackay or those wanting to stay longer.

Bring your boat! There are some islands close by to explore.

Friday nights are special

The bistro serves up a BBQ style meal for $10.00 and you can buy your drinks at the licensed bar to prepare for around four hours of free live music on the beachfront!

Where else in Queensland can you do that? When the band is playing the guests ( be they solo travellers, couples or families ), morph into a happy bunch of holiday makers who make new acquaintances and have a great time.

BarraCrab is unique.

It is not as though someone started out with a perfect beachfront location and planned to create what is at BarraCrab. It seems to have informally evolved over the years.

Do yourself a favour! BarraCrab is way too good to drive past, so plan your Queensland road trip to include BarraCrab as a destination along the way.

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