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4 Elements of Continuum of Care Services You Need To Know

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Aging is a new stage of life. You feel wonderful most days, but you may notice some aches and pains before bed or that keeping up with all of your tasks and activities isn't as easy as it used to be. Getting older doesn't have to mean that you give up your independence, but it should make you pause and think about the future. 

Many people get anxious about getting older because there are so many unknowns. One way you can take control of your future is by educating yourself on the continuum of care that exists to help you age gracefully. Here is everything you need to know about four care services that will help you live your best life:

1. Wellness

There's a saying in the medical field: motion is lotion. You might notice that your knees hurt at the end of the day or that you're more fatigued after a day of working in the yard than you used to be. If you avoid exercise, you're likely to end up in more pain than you would if you had kept moving. Moving your body through appropriate exercise helps to keep your muscles and joints loose, which helps you feel good. There are many programmes that target seniors and provide guided exercises that focus on functional movements to keep you strong.

2. Home Care

Your home should be your safe place, but sometimes a home that used to hold a large family gets difficult to manage on your own. Home care support options exist to make living in your home comfortable again by providing assistance where you need it. A home care aide can assess your living situation and make recommendations about how to move furniture or replace rugs that pose hazards.

You may need occasional assistance with light cleaning or cooking, with organising your medications, or completing your physical therapy exercises. A home care aide can provide transportation to community events and medical appointments along with some much-needed companionship.

3. Retirement Villages

Some people are excited about moving to a retirement village. There's no need to keep up with yard work or cleaning the house anymore. Instead, you can focus on your spouse, make friends, and go on outings. In a retirement village, you're surrounded by people in a similar life stage, so these facilities offer a wide range of activities you can enjoy. Many villages offer a variety of housing options from small villas to apartments with scaled support so that you can access additional assistance as you need it.

4. Residential Care

A residential care home is a great option for some people. In a care home, you have the privacy of your own room but can enjoy the community the rest of the day. You share meals, activities, and common areas with your neighbours and have access to full-time care. While people at many ages and stages choose to live in a residential care home, the availability of nursing and personal aides are targeted for older adults who desire and would benefit from daily care and support. 

As you age, there are many unknowns, yet it's important to make a plan for as much as you can. Many people fear that their children or family members will force them into a full-time care setup when they still feel young and independent. When you educate yourself on the care options that are available for different stages of your golden years, you can readily advocate for yourself and demonstrate to your loved ones that you are prepared for what's ahead. Start talking about plans for how you will downsize and thrive today.


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