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How to Օvercome Լaziness

Everyone has moments of laziness from time to time, when all you need to do is sit or lie down and do nothing.

How to overcome this laziness or stop procrastinating. Let's share some useful tips.

From time to time, you can afford to be a little lazy, and just do nothing and relax. In the USA there is even a special national day called No Brainer Day. It is recommended to celebrate this day, avoiding any work that requires brain strain and great effort.

In any case, this can be allowed rarely, without turning it into a bad habit. 

Laziness itself is at the heart of many of the problems and failures that we face in everyday life. This is followed by despondency, lack of motivation, unemployment. 

Everyone knows that when you need to go to class or to work, you force yourself to get out of bed or sofa, put yourself in order, move, because you need to. And if you have no occupation or important business, especially on holidays, you are not dependent on yourself.  

Of course, you need to show willpower. You will definitely notice that the longer you stay out of work and give in to your laziness, the more it deepens. So, force yourself to act, to do one thing.

Call a friend, arrange a meeting, initiate something together with friends or family members.

You can, for example, sign up for sports, dancing, yoga, any group to your liking, join an expedition or any volunteer movement, or just start running in the morning. 

Try to do something useful with your own hands and be inspired by the result.

Naturally, you have to make an effort. If you do this from the very beginning, it will become something ordinary, and without an interesting activity you will already get bored and you will always strive to be active. 

Reddit users shared life hacks with which they were able to overcome their own laziness.

The discussion on this issue quickly became popular and gathered more than 8000 comments. Some of them are:

  • * The acquisition of new habits was noted as the most important advice. Lazy people have noticed that the same everyday tasks tire and cause a loss of motivation. However, if you can put in a little effort and get out of your personal comfort zone, you can start a whole new life.

If you have a dog, it will definitely make you more disciplined. Whether you like it or not, you should walk your dog every morning and evening. 

  • Another tip is to engage in some kind of pleasant sport or dance. Exercises are not only useful for a beautiful body and health, but also give a positive charge. If you attend classes regularly, but without too much stress, it makes you disciplined, and helps you manage your time properly.
  • It is very important to detect and treat depression in time, mental problems cannot be ignored. Sometimes laziness is an expression of a serious problem, especially when it is accompanied by indifference and loss of interest in life. If the symptoms are severe and persistent, it is vital to see a doctor, undergo an examination, and receive proper therapy.
  • Drawing up a list of daily tasks and a work plan helps many people. Very often important things and, for example, the need to go to classes make you forget about laziness. Sometimes the need to regularly monitor their appearance, which eventually becomes a daily habit, helps a lot.
  • Some people reward themselves for what they have done, whether it is a small gift or a delicious meal. 
  • Other users noted the "5 minute rule": do something for at least 5 minutes to move slowly, but move towards your goal. 

Procrastinate your laziness and get the work done today!


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