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What Makes For Great SEO Keywords?

  • Written by News Co Media

The age-old question is what makes good SEO keywords – and this is important because you need to know the answer to this if you are going to have success with your online business. You need to understand the difference between good SEO keywords and not so good ones. There are many definitions of good keywords and we will explain all of this to you.

Good SEO keywords can be defined in so many ways. They could be laser targeted or broad and when the SEO keyword is a general term is might have more searches than other similar terms but the top keyword ranking in the search engines is usually for long-tailed keyword phrases that are highly targeted and will have lower searches but higher conversions. It is important to have a plan – what do you want to achieve with your site? Your SEO project should include both targeted and broad phrases.

What are Targeted Keywords?

Targeted keywords are terms that are tailored specifically to items offered on your website. That could be a digital product, a physical product, a course, anything that you want to attract an audience to. If you offered a product such as internet marketing services, there are many topics and services that can be covered. The keyword phrase “search engine optimization” is what is known as a targeted keyword. When you use targeted keywords, it aids the search engines to learn about your site.

Once search engines discovery your site, you may find your site displayed in the SERPs for a phase which you have targeted. If someone is searching for that phrase and your site happens to display in their search, they are much more likely to purchase something from your site or to sign-up for your courses or programs because your site offers what they are looking for. People searching a phrase and then landing on your site do not need to continue to look through many other results to find what they are looking for because they found what they are searching for when they entered a targeted keyword phrase.

What are Broad Keyword Phrases?

Broad keyword phrases are terms that describe the function of your website, maybe the services you offer, but they do not provide as much detail as targeted keywords. Using the internet market example, a broad keyword phrase describes your overall website. Broad keywords can attract more visitors to your website, but those visitors may not know exactly what they want to search for and that is why they uses broad keywords in their initial search. A visitor may land on your site and then leave because they did not find what they were looking for on your site.

Are There Specific Types of Keywords I Should Target for SEO?

How do you know if you have found and are using a good SEO keyword? You need to use both targeted keywords and broad keyword phrases on your site will help you to become an authority on the subjects that you are trying to cover. If you begin by writing about specific phrases – targeted keywords and become an authority on those topics, in the long run you will become an expert on the broad keyword phrases too.

So, what makes good SEO keywords?

Starting off with targeted terms and writing about them helps you to become an expert on those specific topics and this will turn up for searches in the search engines. Once you have established expertise in specific topics then you can branch out into broader topics. This is the defining factor for your website’s theme and is how your website becomes established as an authority.

Your best course of action is to search targeted keyword phrases that relate to your website. Write in depth about those topics, using those keywords. Write many different articles and rewrite those articles, approaching those topics from many different angles.

Good SEO keywords are keywords that relate to your site and product. If you are selling SEO services, you would not write about learning to read or some other topic that does not relate to your services. One of the main problems that people have with websites is that they try to be “all things to all people” instead of being good at something specific. The specific topic area is where you need to become the authority and continue to write about that topic, drilling down repeatedly until you have a micro niche.

You know that you have good SEO keywords when they are detailed and long tailed and relate to your site and service but are not found on other websites. The long-tailed keyword phrases that you choose are the key to your success. Keyword research is something that you need to undertake and complete in a detailed and careful way. Starting with a broad keyword, drill down and try to find more specific, long-tailed keywords.

The main thing to remember is that keywords start off broad and become more detailed as you “drill down” or try to get more specific with them. If you are just starting out with keyword research, start with a broad phrase and then think of ways to become more specific. An example would be “grass” as a broad phrase, and “long thick green grass” as a targeted keyword. Someone might search “grass” if they are trying to learn something about grass but if they want to know how to grow their lawn to be thick and healthy, they might search the longer keyword phrase.

Keywords are the lifeblood of your website and the more you understand them, the better. It is very important to continue to write content that is not only relevant to your site, but contains detailed, long tailed keywords that people may be searching for which will draw them to your site. What makes good SEO keywords are phrases that are unique and detailed and attract people to your site that are in the buying cycle or close to it. The idea is that once they land on your site, see substantial and interesting content and return or stay to explore, they will make a purchase or become a customer for life.

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