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Leading Australian Kombucha brand Lo Bros is calling on Aussies to  reboot (or re-booch) their health and lifestyle post pandemic after the 2022 Lo Bros Doin’  Good Report revealed that after two years of pandemic living, we’re ready for a fresh start  when it comes to our mind, body and gut.  

With lockdown blurring the boundaries of work and home, and the hybrid work place here to  stay, the pandemic has led to some questionable health trends, with bad habits still lingering,  gut health impacting mood, sleep patterns still under pressure and the WFH meaning the  kitchen pantry has been getting a workout. The trends reveal how Australians are ready to  shake things up when it comes to their health in 2022.  

Didi Lo, CEO Soulfresh said, “The past two years have impacted everyone and the Lo Bros  Doin’ Good Report has shown that we certainly have a pandemic hangover when it comes to  our health and overall, well-being. We’re all human and rather than look back, we think it is  time to look forward.  

At Lo Bros, we’re all about turning negatives into positives - so we want all Australians to join  us in a rebooch. Our mission to do good, not only includes our authentic fermentation  process, taking 90 days to convert sugar into living goodness, but also using natural and  organic ingredients to create drinks that are not only tasty but are better for you. We call it  “Doin’ Good." 

The Lo Bros Doin’ Good Report health trends include:  

The Anti-Health kick: We’ve all heard of starting the year off with a health kick, but this year  Australians are starting off 2022 with an anti-health kick. The results show that although we  are looking on the other side of the pandemic, bad habits still linger. In fact, 62% of  Australians agree they have developed some less than desirable health habits that they  would like to shake. In addition, seven in ten Australians say their energy levels have been  impacted, and often they feel tired and unmotivated since the start of the pandemic. And  despite 55% of Australians saying in the last couple of months their levels of activity have  increased, they still have a long way to go to get back to where they were pre-pandemic.  

The surge of the gut-mind connect: Interestingly, gut health has impacted Australians  overall mood and lifestyle. Over 3.1 million Australians say that since the start of the  pandemic they have experienced an increase in stomach and digestive issues. More than 

half (56%) of Australians have noticed they have felt sluggish and believe it is connected to  their gut, with another 55% noticing their diet and lifestyle have affected their gut health, and  54% feel their gut health has been an issue since the start of the pandemic.  

Rebecca Gawthorne, Accredited Dietitian said, “Good gut health is linked to improved mood,  a strong immune system and can play a vital role in our overall well being. It is a little  concerning to see that our gut health has perhaps been neglected over the last two years.  Poor eating habits are easy to create, and more difficult to break but if there is a thirst for  change, then that is the first step in the right direction.  

“Extended lockdowns are now hopefully behind us, so there is no better time than now to re booch and create a positive change. Snacking is okay, and is totally healthy but it’s  important we make sure those snacks are good for you. Mood boosting foods such as  bananas, berries, dark chocolate and healthy drink choices such as a quality Kombucha to  quench your thirst will have your gut and mood thanking you.” 

The rise of the micro sleeper: No surprise that sleep and mood are closely linked, with  Australians noticing that increased stress is not only impacting their lifestyle but is also  having a negative impact on their mental health. Nearly half (48%) of Australians say since  the start of the pandemic they have experienced increased feelings of stress, with a third  saying they’ve experienced difficulty sleeping (35%) and negative mental health (35%). With  almost two thirds (63%) of Australians saying their stress levels have been much higher  since the start of the pandemic, they also want to change this.  

Bedroom binge culture: Those working from home have been hit the hardest, with a blur  between work, play and sleep, Australians are seeing their eating and drink habits have  contributed negatively to their overall health. Two thirds (64%) of Australians working from  home have changed their eating and drinking habits as a way of coping with stress, and they  know this change has not been a healthy choice. Further results showed that more than half  (54%) of Australians who work from home admit that working at their home has changed the  way they eat in a negative way. 

Didi Lo added, “Lo Bros started with the concept of creating drinks that are authentic in every  way, but at the core of that it was creating a healthy and delicious drink that Australians  wouldn’t feel guilty in the process of enjoying.  

“At Lo Bros we’re committed to our mission of ‘doin’ good’ and this also translates to how  good our customers feel. Doin’ good is at our heart - we want to do good in our fermentation  process turning bad to good, we want to do good by creating delicious drinks and we want to  do good by creating a positive change. It’s time to shake up our health habits and re-booch  2022 on a good note.” 

Lo Bros re-booch mission is to celebrate saying goodbye to lockdowns, bad habits and poor  drink choices. 

Lo Bros Kombucha can be found in supermarkets across Australia including Woolworths,  Coles, Ritchies, Drakes, Foodworks and IGA’s Nationally.  

Lo Bros flavours include Raspberry & Lemon, Mango, Passionfruit, Ginger & Lemon,  Cola, Lemon Lime & Bitters, Ginger Beer; and recently launched flavours Orange &  Mango and Limited Edition Pineapple & Lime. 

The Lo Bros line-up includes 330ml & 750ml bottles in the chilled, and 250ml can multipacks in the soft drinks aisle.  

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