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How to Make the Best Staple BBQ Rubs

BBQ rubs are nothing more than a combination of herbs, peppers, spices, or other flavours that are applied to coat the surface of any meat of your choice before it is cooked. A dry rub may be turned into a paste by adding any liquid to it, such as water, oil, crushed garlic, or other types of condiments.

It is up to the chef to choose whether the rub should be applied immediately before or after the oven is turned on. Just before beginning the cooking process, whether it be grilling, roasting, or barbecuing, meat BBQ rubs may be applied. After the rub has been applied to the choice of meat, may it be for a barbecue or a sweet jerky, it should be covered and refrigerated; however, if you want to save time, you may apply the rub a few hours before you want to cook it. The longer the meat is left in contact with the rub, the more certain flavours will develop.

Making the BBQ Rub

When making your BBQ rub, make sure you're using fresh spices and other items in your recipe. If spices have lost their distinctive flavour, it is appropriate to throw them out. It is recommended to start with a basic recipe and then modify it by adding or removing components until the flavour is just right. With the following recipe, if you want your dish to have more of a kick to it, feel free to increase the quantity of red pepper that you use or experiment with a different spice. In order to establish a flavour profile that is to one's liking after it has been applied to meat, rubs should be sampled beforehand.

If you’re wondering what spices to incorporate into your BBQ rub to make it the perfect taste for everyone who’s going to eat it, here are some staple ingredients that will surely make any BBQ rubs good.


Even though any good cook should have some salt on hand, chefs suggest having a selection of certain kinds of salt available for use with your barbeque. Professional chefs use smoked sea salts to create a smoky flavour to particular dishes, while kosher salt is used for pre-grill and smoker spices, flake sea salt is used to finish steaks, lamb chops, and other items, and regular sea salt is used for everything else.

Bottled Barbecue Sauce

To save time and money, purchasing a variety already made available for purchase is advised, which can then be customised by adding jam, fruit juice, and spices.

Combined Fruit Juices

Most chefs are certain that using combined fruit juices as ingredients is the safest and most foolproof method for cooking pig or sweet jerky. In order to make the pork more tender before cooking it, they inject it with vinegar or apple juice, both of which are prominent ingredients in the barbeque sauces that he makes.


Chefs do not hesitate to have the condiments ready when they are ready to decorate the grilled treats they have prepared. It is recommended that you use mayonnaise or yellow mustard as a pre-rub binder for injecting rich flavour into your meat without imparting a lasting aftertaste. Worcestershire sauce is the ideal meaty flavour to rub down your brisket with before adding dry spices. Worcestershire sauce is the ideal meaty flavour to rub down your brisket with before adding dry spices.

Fresh Fruit

Most chefs' go-to technique for giving their barbeque an additional jolt of fruity flavour is to either brine the meat or infuse it with fruit juice before cooking it. Alternatively, he uses the juice in a marinade.

Golden Brown Sugar

Another essential ingredient at most chefs’ barbeques is granulated brown sugar. This raw sugar is a go-to when it comes to adding a bit of sweetness to his barbeque sauce as well as a hint of flavour to any rub that they produce.

How to Store BBQ Rubs

After you have the recipe for your favourite homemade BBQ rub mastered, you may make it in large quantities so that you can preserve it for later use. Don't forget to specify the current date. By dating your batch, you may avoid anything like this from occurring. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn't retain anything for more than half a year, and you should throw away anything older than that.

When you find a dish that you really like, you can decide to cook a large quantity of it and store the leftovers in the freezer for a later time. When storing anything in the freezer or a dark cabinet, remove as much air from the bag as you can or vacuum seal it. If you mark the jar with the current date, you may store the rub for as long as six months; after this point, it may begin to lose flavour.

In Summary

BBQ rubs may be a staple for many homes, as they are easy and cheap to make, but their flavours are one of the best. Make a simple but delicious bbq rub for the next few months with ingredients present in your home for a party or for an everyday lunch or dinner.

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