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Outdoor blinds breakdown: 5 questions to ask your provider

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Outdoor cafe blinds are one of the most popular sun shades for both homes and commercial properties. Why? Well, it’s obvious, really! They come with a huge range of benefits, including sun protection, enhanced cooling, energy efficiency, space optimisation, aesthetic elegance and much, much more!

But to truly optimise the benefits of the best outdoor cafe blinds Melbourne has, you have to get the best team on the job. And how do you get the best team on the job? Asking the right questions, of course!

So, without further ado, here are five vital questions to ask your prospective sun protection team:

  1. How many years have you been in the industry?

Because who are you going to trust more? Some fly-by-night operation that pulled together a few materials last year and now call themselves experts? Or a passionate team with years of experience in designing and manufacturing the highest quality product on the market?

Your team should have at least a few years’ experience in designing, fabricating and installing the best outdoor cafe blinds Melbourne has available and, if they can’t prove that to you, then you should really leave them to cut their teeth with some unsuspecting dupe of a homeowner!

  1. Do you have a range of products at your disposal?

Because you should have some versatility at your disposal! This goes for choosing both the style you would like and the way it is designed for your home or business’s layout. There should be no one-size-fits-all approach to this service, as you should be able to trust that a passionate, experienced team has the skills to design, fabricate and install a huge range of products across a wide variety of aesthetic layouts.

So, you should be able to request a specified design for your home or business, and, if not, you should be looking for the team with the magic brush - that is the team who will turn your space into something safe and stunning!

  1. Do you have PVC designs?

PVC is the ultimate option when it comes to producing the best outdoor cafe blinds Melbourne has in stock. Why? Because it is thick and UV stabilised, ensuring that it is highly reliable in strong conditions such as heavy winds and a ghastly sun. Any first rate fabricator should have this material in their repertoire and, if not, you should be seriously wondering why they don’t!

This is the best material for the job, and it is the optimal material that should be recommended - ensure that your prospective provider has PVC in their wings, ready to fabricate and install at your home or commercial property.

  1. Can we get a rough idea of the price?

There are two reasons why you should ask for a general price idea before receiving your actual quote:

  • The provider should have the experience to have at least a general idea of how much your blinds should cost, and;

  • You don’t want them catching you out later down the track with some outrageous figure that doesn’t match what they originally said when you asked for a rough price idea.

5. When can you start?

Because you don’t want to wait around all year for the work to start! Ideally, you would have it designed, fabricated and installed within a few months of putting pen to paper (at maximum!). If the provider ums and ahs over the prospective time of delivery, then you may be dealing with a deal who doesn't have your home or business’s comfort, safety and style close enough at heart to get started ASAP!


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