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A blissful way to energise the day at FIT Lane cove!

  • Written by Cara Barilla; Wellness & beauty Columnist and Educator

Nestled within the leafy northern suburb of Lane cove, there is a newly established gym called FIT.

More than just a gym however, FIT is a connected experience of community and individualised guided support.

From the entrance, displays a whole new gym atmosphere as it doesn’t compare to the stereotypical “GYM” profile as smooth mellow lighting, positive gentle but upbeat music was playing in a naturally sun filled room.

After being greeted by the friendly and highly professional manager Heidi, I gained a favourable insight to the culture and a unique features of the fitness regime. As a mother of two children, I was guided to the Crèche centre where it has truly captured what I would consider a piece of mind for many mothers. Friendly and professional staff playing and nurturing the children amid the child-friendly environment in a complete hazard-free setting as “creative play” was taken place. Games, educational toys, and stimulating  activities for the kids gave them a chance to enjoy their own unique experience while the parents had their own time to unwind & exercise.

Throughout the tour, the warmth of the many smiling faces from the staff and the overall friendly culture has been on display at the FIT Lane Cove.

Experiencing the reformer Pilates class was a class which stands out from many other reformer classes around the district. The professional and knowledgeable Gillian took the class through a powerful, personalised and supportive routine, where her passion was shining through with her uplifting words and creative methods of teaching. Chillout 90’s music was playing in the background which was a calming relief from previously hearing the cliché GYM “pumping” trance music.  As a beginner of reformer Pilates this class was extremely helpful as not only the teacher; the other fellow reformer participants were keen to see if everything was okay on my beginners end. The decor was ingenious as it was a naturally sun-filled room and as you gaze up you will notice the hanging green wicker-cradled pot plants.

Each room in this Gym has a unique and genuine theme. The decor, fresh clean fitout design and mood, truly adds to the comfort of being a newcomer easing into a new routine.

The true charm of this Gym provides not only genuine care but also consistent professionalism service delivered with passion.

FIT is definitely a great place to enjoy your daily fitness routine.

For more information please visit:

Ph: 94202815 - FIT Lane Cove


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