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Top 3 ways to see the Australian Botanic Garden this Spring

Whether you are an avid bird lover, plant enthusiast or first-time explorer, make the most out of this beautiful Spring weather with these incredible tours, workshops and buzzing kid-friendly events at the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan.

  1. Sensory Spring tours

Do you feel a little overwhelmed from the sheer size of the Australian Botanic Garden? No need to worry! Explore the top sights from inside to out with our guided PlantBank tours as you learn how nearly 3 million seed specimens of NSW flora are stored for preservation and so future plant security to safeguard the future of threatened species and genetic diversity.

Witness amazing botanic beauty from outside too with our newly started volunteer led Guided Tours through the famous connections garden showcasing the beautiful Paper Daisies (pictured) and a bunch of other fragrant blooms to get you in the spring spirit.

  1. Learn from the professionals

If flowers aren’t your thing, then grab your high-quality SLR camera and join award winning nature photographer Glenn Smith as he takes your photography skills to the next level with his hands-on tips and tricks in his Nature Photography workshop so you can leave with high quality images of the amazing flora and fauna in the garden.

Need to feel the calm a little more lately? Well then, a Nature Therapy walk is just what you need from our talented Shrin-yoku Japanese trained facilitators who will take you through a range of sensory awakening activities including quite-aware walking, meditation and lastly a relaxing tea ceremony.

  1. Back-to-back school holiday fun

Drop the kids off for two-days of back-to-back fun with the upcoming school holidays just around the corner. They can begin their day learning about the buzzing pollinators at Bees, Butterflies and Bugs adventure as they build their own flower garden and explore how flowers use colour, perfume and shapes to attract bugs.

The Garden Grubs vacation program is the perfect whole day program for little nature enthusiasts. They can spend time on our popular playground, create and participate in a range of action-packed activities.

Seedling Nature School is a great opportunity for parents looking for a more stable nature-based play program as Early Years Nature Educators aim to ensure every child engages their senses with games, stories and supervised play every Wednesday to encourage a life-time love of nature.


Every Fri – Sun: PlantBank Tours (Free)

Every Friday: Connections Garden Tour (Free)

16 Oct & 13 Nov: Nature Therapy Walks

Every Wednesday: Seedling Nature School

6 & 7 Oct: Garden Grubs

6 & 7 Oct: Bee’s, Butterflies and Bugs!

Further information about the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan:


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