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Don the bib: why take up netball this season

Netball is one of the great Aussie games. Alongside basketball, cricket, footy, rugby, soccer, swimming, tennis (okay, it’s a big list), this is one of those sports that we as a nation excel at and always take it to the Kiwis, the English, Jamaicans etc.

It should come as no surprise that you can’t go too far in Australia without coming across a netball centre, so why not consider taking yourself down there and joining a friendly league?

There are so many benefits to playing this super fun sport in both summer and winter, and it is obviously an awesome way to keep fit year-round.

With this in mind, here are a few reasons why you should take up this wonderful sport in 2023:

  1. It’s great for your health

There are netballs for sale, and they are here to help you maintain peak fitness. This super sport embodies a range of fitness aspects to ensure you are not only playing at your peak, but are also maintaining fitness for daily life, too.

With fitness elements including agility, balance, endurance, reflexes, speed, strength and more, you can trust that joining your local club or making up a team for a friendly games is going to be a great way to keep up your fitness levels even if you’re getting a little older!

  1. It’s a fun & social event

This sport is one that always has a social element to it. Of course, many teams out there are those made up of friends looking for a fun, healthy and positive social activity to partake in midweek, before the onset of weekend beers and debauchery comes into the fray.

As such, this a fun and social balance, a way to enjoy friendships in a lighthearted, jovial manner. Whether creating your own team with friends or joining a local club, there is always fun to be had at your local centre and always a good chat or two to enjoy with teammates!

  1. It can help with life skills

Sport is one of life’s great educators and netball is absolutely no exception. There are many life skills attributed to playing this sport, with everything from leadership to teamwork, organisation and selflessness all there to be instilled in anyone who takes up this fun and invigorating sport.

You can take some of these life lessons into so many daily aspects, from relationships to workplace scenarios, organising social events and more!

  1. It’s a great way to get out of the house

Because, hey, Australia copped it pretty bad in the pandemic, and we all know how many countless hours we spent sitting around at home, waiting for the day our respective state premier said, “okay, that’s enough now, we can get back to doing the things we love”.

And what do us Aussies really love? Playing sport, of course! We are one of the world’s great sports social nations, with friendly teams and local leagues catering for people of literally all ages and skill levels - this sport is no different.

It is a truly fantastic way to get out of the house and enjoy some social time with friends or new teammates!

  1. It’s just so much fun

And at the end of the day what’s ever been wrong with having a little healthy, positive fun? Netball is a sport that never fails to invigorate the senses and make one feel that they are looking after their bodies and minds - and that’s a pretty good thing, we say!


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