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How to Choose the Best Personal Trainer

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There’s no doubt that exercising with a personal trainer is one of the best ideas. Research also supports it and it says that working with personal trainers who offer advice and motivation will help you achieve more fitness and strength gains than when exercising alone. Personal trainers also have different approaches and specialties. And once you know how to choose the right one, then you will easily achieve the desired results.

Top Ways of Choosing the Right Personal Trainer

Ask for References

Before you hire a trainer, it’s important to ask him/her of her past projects or clients. Sam Johnson from HYHQ is qualified and experienced enough to offer you the services you need. Don’t also forget to browse the list of the personal trainers in your area and choose one who can match your fitness goals. You can gauge them through the platform they offer their services i.e. does the gym have the required equipment, or is it in an easy-to-access location? These are some of the questions you need to ask before you hire them for the service. Also, the reputation of the personal trainer is a crucial factor. He should help his client achieve their goals and this can be shared in stories, references or testimonials.

Know your Fitness Goals

Before you indulge in fitness training, you will have a set of goals you want to achieve. And you need to hire a trainer who will help you achieve these goals. Once you formulate your training and fitness goals, then it will be easier to find your ideal trainer. And when you know who to look for, you can consider your options and pick one that excites you.

Check their Credentials

If you intend to lose some pounds, build strength or even improve you speed, then you need to work with professionals who are certified.

Talk to the Trainer

You will also need to talk to the trainer for you to develop a personal yet professional relationship. And when communicating, you should check the first impressions and your instincts on the trainer. You should be motivated and not discouraged by the trainer and if you get along well, then he is the perfect match. Additionally, he should be someone with a genuine interest in helping yet professional in his work.


Though training and experience are prerequisites when looking for a personal trainer, you also need to consider someone with a college degree in nutrition or exercise science. They have the credibility and knowledge required in the program. But if he doesn’t have a degree, then this does not mean that he is unqualified to offer the service.

Area of Specialization

Additionally, you need to know the period in which the trainer has been in the field attending to clients. And more importantly, you need to ask about their expertise and how they have handled clients with your same needs. For instance, if you have a past injury, then the trainer needs to develop a training session that considers your abilities and limitations. And if you are still under medication, then the trainer should get medical clearance from your doctor and know what to share with your physician.


A great trainer knows his worth and sets a fair price. However, people have different preferences since each one has his/her budget. I would recommend you check the average rates in our locality for the personal trainers. In 2013 alone, the average cost per hour for a personal trainer was $35 but this also depends on location. In cities like New York, you can pay up to $300 per session. It’s important to choose a personal trainer who falls within your budget and if one doesn’t, then check out other options.


Availability is also an important factor because you need consistency in your training routine. Find out of your trainer’s schedule by inquiring about his clients and the schedule. For instance, do you meet once or thrice a week and does he operate on a solid or variable schedule. Also, when you should book appointments and if you miss one how can you recover it. This will also help you to plan better especially if you work and have to survive on a tough schedule.

Insurance and Business Policy

Currently, most personal trainers are independent contractors and are not employed by any facility. Ensure your trainer has professional liability insurance and understands what is in writing. Also, the reputable trainers should teach you about their billing procedure and general policies. This will help you avoid confusion and know your rights as far as your contract is concerned.


This is another factor to consider when choosing your personal trainer. For instance, where is the location of the training facility; can you take a walk or drive 30 minutes to town. Do you prefer a facility within a walking or driving distance? Which location do you prefer, an urban or suburban setting. HYHQ specialise in providing a Gold Coast fitness and boot camp service for your needs. Also, while some prefer working out at the comfort of their home, some prefer the traditional gym setting where they can get motivation. Luckily, you can find a trainer in any location. You only need to choose one who matches your needs and preferences. Getting a personal trainer can be a daunting task when you consider the thousands of professionals in this job. You need one who can help you achieve your fitness goals while remaining within your budget and location. Luckily, we have broken down the factors you need to consider to ensure you meet one who matches your personal needs and preferences.


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