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Top Tips To Help Protect Your Skin From Harmful UV Rays Here In Australia

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There are many people who perceive a suntan to be a sign of health here in Australia but the opposite is in fact true. Too much sunshine is certainly not good for the skin on your face and on your whole body and even though we do need to make sure that we get the right amount of vitamin D every single day to improve upon our current immune system, it doesn’t mean that you have to go overboard. Everybody knows that you can get sunburn in around 15 minutes and so it doesn’t take long for you to do harm to the skin on your body.

If you’re getting too much sun then you will notice things like white sun spots that do not look nice at all and actually affect how you look and how you feel. Many Australian’s confidence levels take a hit because of these spots and so you need to do whatever you can to make sure that they don’t happen in the first place. The following are just some top tips to help protect your skin from harmful UV rays here in Australia.

  • Always apply sunscreen - Depending on your skin type, you need to get a certain sun protection factor that will help to block out harmful UV rays that burn and damage your skin. Even if it is a cloudy day, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t apply your sunscreen because even then, your skin can suffer bad effects. Not only will you leave yourself subject to certain skin cancers butt your skin will age before its time and so you will look older than you actually are.

  • Think about your clothing choices - It is very tempting to want to put on your favourite T-shirt on particularly sunny days but you were leaving your lower arms exposed to the sun all day long. Contrary to what many people think, by covering up your skin, you can actually help to cool yourself down. Many people believe that choosing lighter colours will protect you from the sun when the opposite is in fact true. There are lower arm protectors that you can buy very cheaply and not only will they protect your skin but they will help to keep you cool as well.

  • Always wear a hat - You should always invest in a hat that covers not only your head but your face and neck as well. This is why a baseball cap is totally unsuitable, so look for a hat that actually has a brim so that the more exposed parts of your face are protected. If you must wear a baseball cap apply lots of sunscreen to your ears and to the back of your neck.

Always remember to protect your eyes and so invest in quality sunglasses that have UV protection built in. Your sunglasses will also help to protect the skin around your eyes and if possible, wear wrap-around sunglasses that protect from all sides.


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