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Sales Strategy: 5 Tips for Increasing Conversions Through a Well-Planned Customer Journey

A well-thought-out customer journey is key to creating and increasing conversions. Without a logical flow to follow, potential customers may become frustrated, leading them to abandon their carts or make fewer purchases than they otherwise might have. 

If you want to avoid these costly issues, start by implementing the following tips:

Have a User-Friendly Website

When you're operating within the e-commerce space, the most important part of your sales funnel is your website. To get the most out of it, consider engaging a professional. While many of Australia’s best creative agencies are situated in large cities like Melbourne and Sydney, you’ll find fantastic agencies and freelancers in smaller towns too.

So, whether it’s a digital marketing agency in Geelong or a web design studio in Townsville, you should have no trouble getting the support you need to develop a fully functional, user-friendly website that’s perfectly suited to your customer's wants and needs.

Customer Service Is Key

Arguably as vital as the performance of your website is the performance of your customer service team. Customers are far more likely to make a purchase if they can easily contact support and receive a timely resolution.

Staff should maintain a consistently friendly demeanour and provide resolutions that are simple and satisfying for the customer. Your team should do their best to answer questions and resolve problems on the first interaction.

Capture Leads

Another important touchpoint in the user journey is the initial collection of their details. People are far more likely to give you their first name and email than they are their full name, address, and phone number. So stick to the basics at first to build trust between the user and your brand.

Many businesses just collect email addresses. However, it’s important to get a first name if you can as this will allow you to create more personalised emails and marketing materials. Generally, what you’re looking to do is develop a list of “hot leads” – people who already know, like and trust your brand.

Follow Up

Once a customer has provided their details, follow up regardless of whether they make a purchase. If they do complete a purchase, you should send communication requesting feedback on the products they purchased and their shopping experience. If they didn’t complete their purchase, reach out to remind them that they have an active cart.

It can help to provide people who’ve abandoned their carts with a discount code or special offer. This is also a good opportunity to ask for feedback on why they chose not to complete their purchase. You may not get a response, but it’s still worth asking as long as they’ve given permission for you to contact them.

Support Repeat Orders

Finally, many businesses make the mistake of thinking the customer journey is over once a consumer makes a purchase. This couldn't be further from the truth. Customers who have already bought something from your company are more likely to complete a transaction than those who have never purchased from you before.

Your existing customer base comprises your hottest leads, meaning this is where you'll be able to convert sales most easily. Don't forget to nurture these relationships because once loyalty has been built, it tends to result in repeat transactions.

A smooth experience is key to getting customers to fill up their carts. Apply these tips to support the customer journey at all touchpoints, and you should soon see an increase in conversions.


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