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Manenti Quinlan and Associates turns 40 this year

  • Written by Tess Sanders Lazarus

Leonard Bongiovanni, director and spokesperson of prestigious consulting and brokerage organisation Manenti Quinlan and Associates, is celebrating the company’s 40th birthday this year.

This birthday is an incredible milestone for Manenti Quinlan and Associates. Since we opened our doors in 1981, our incredible team has grown and achieved so much in that time. We have dazzled through the 80’s, rode the roller coaster of the 90’s, powered through the 00’s, reached new heights through the 2010’s, and sewn our seeds into the roaring 2020’s,” Bongiovanni said.

Leonard Bongiovanni is an AAPI Certified Practising Valuer and has over 17 years of experience in consulting and brokerage with Manenti Quinlan and Associates. Also commonly known as MQ and Assoc., Manenti Quinlan and Associates has grown to be one of Australia’s largest and most trusted hospitality industry consulting and brokerage organisations with sales in excess of five billion dollars.

Since 1981 our business philosophy has continued to evolve new capabilities to ride the waves of uncertainty and drive the implementation of industry leading approaches. We are very proud of the amazing work our team has, and continues to create for our clients, especially if it is recognised for its unique ability to help business people maintain flexibility,” Bongiovanni added.

Some of our most recent properties to sell have blown us away, and make us so pleased to see our 40 years in business come full circle with some of our largest sales and high pressure negotiations to date.

One of the company’s greatest achievements has been the sale of many major hotels and motels across Australia, as well as achieving an 80 percent ownership of all liquor stores sold in New South Wales. Our valuation division has also notably valued some of the best performing hotels in the state.”

According to Bongiovanni, Manenti Quinlan and Associates has consistently underpinned its decision making practices with the philosophy that ‘knowledge is the most important tool in a changing market’ – the secret to the business’ incredible longevity in the industry.

Without our phenomenal base of clients, Manenti Quinlan and Associates would look very different today. We are incredibly blessed to have amassed a distinguished portfolio of clients over the last 40 years, many of which we have now worked with on multiple occasions,” Bongiovanni emphasised.

The business has always been based on knowledge, service and integrity with a very personalised approach to clients, and we are pleased that our legacy continues to ring true with this message.

Our recognised voice and leadership status in the industry is a credit to the dedication, creativity and loyalty of our team. We have the profile, experience and expertise to deliver services in a professional manner to obtain optimum results, at the same time as retaining integrity for all parties involved.

We have experienced constant growth in the brokerage of hotels, motels and liquor stores, and we have further expansion planned for Manenti Quinlan and Associates. Our team is growing with the addition of a number of incredibly ambitious and enthusiastic young experienced staff members.”

According to Bongiovanni, the company’s managing director, Peter Manenti, founded Manenti Quinlan and Associates in 1981. Right up until this day, the company has been based in Burwood, New South Wales.

Since our humble beginnings, our scope of services and expertise has expanded to offer a range of brokerage services, as well as other divisions, including valuation and advice to financers and receivers and managers. Our brokerage arm of the business covers a vast number of industries, such as motels, hotels, liquor stores, caravan parks, guest houses, boutique hotels, resorts, international hotels and general business,” Bongiovanni explained.

Celebrating 40 years in business in an honour and I am really pleased that our work has been, and continues to be, recognised by our industry.”

Manenti Quinlan and Associates has been operating in New South Wales since its inception – boasting unrivalled experience and qualified specialist personnel able to provide a broad range of services including detailed professional valuations for a range of purposes including but not limited to; mortgage, purchase and sale purposes, all statutory purposes, superannuation, internal reporting, stamp duty, and deceased estates.

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