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Quick Guide to Buying a Canopy Tent for Small Business Owners

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Small businesses find it hard to afford conventional advertising because it is expensive and entails a lot of waste. Small business owners invariably find participating in trade fairs, exhibitions, fairs, and other outdoor events more productive because they allow the business to interact with customers, peer groups, vendors, and other stakeholders. According to G2, events provide businesses with an opportunity to establish relationships. However, since most of these events are outdoors, investing in a quality pop-up canopy tent is mandatory. However, given the sheer choice of materials, sizes, shapes, and features, buying the best one for your needs can be confusing. A brief guide on the basics of buying a canopy tent:

Canopy Options

Because you have a lot of choices regarding the size and construction of canopy tents, you need to get a grip on what you need in terms of size, performance, and features. Even though canopy tents come in all sizes, perhaps the most popular size is the 10 feet by 10 feet one. If you have a lot of products or staff to accommodate, you can buy a larger one. You can also think of buying a large tent if you wish to provide a space for your visitors to sit and discuss their requirements.

Portable or Heavy Duty 

If you intend to participate in multiple events, investing in a portable canopy tent is advisable. These are lightweight and easily collapsible, making them convenient to carry around in your car or pickup without any assistance. You can erect and take down a portable canopy tent easily by yourself with the help of just one more person. The process is easy and quick if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. However, you can use portable tents only for a short time. Because a typical marketing event or exhibition may last only a day or two, a portable tent may well be your best choice. You need to take note that portable canopy tents are usually more affordable than their heavy-duty cousins.

If you need a tent for heavy use, you need one with a rugged design. If you need a blue canopy tent that can accommodate more people, you will also need to look at heavy-duty canopy tents. These tents are ideal for long-term use and also withstand the vagaries of weather. Depending on your needs, you can use a heavy-duty canopy tent for several weeks at a time because they have a robust frame and a heavy and waterproof canopy fabric that takes exposure to the sun and rain with aplomb. However, as may be expected, these tents are significantly more expensive than the portable ones. Since they are heavier and bulkier, they are also not as handy to carry around, and you will need the assistance of a few people to erect them and dismantle them.


When you set out to buy a tent, you should first decide the kind of use to which you will put it. Both portable and heavy-duty tents have their advantages and disadvantages. Factors like size, performance, and features can also play a significant role in their performance and pricing.


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