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Top 5 Personalised Birthday Gift Ideas

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Remember as a child how excited you were when it was going to be your birthday? Remember how the night before was always so frustrating, all you wanted to do was rip open that present you asked for to see - well... The thing you asked for? Or even the excitement on Christmas Eve? It’s like it is more exciting than Christmas Day. 

Actually, you know what is even better than opening just a regular old birthday gift? A personalised birthday gift! 

Getting a gift from someone you love/appreciate is great, but just try to imagine the satisfaction of having a personalised gift - something created with all intentions aimed at you. Here’s a look at some of the top five personalised birthday gift ideas:

Personalised Rings/Jewellery

This is going to be ideal for a romantic partner - for him or for her. There are many ways that make a piece of jewellery “personalised” like engravings, add-ons, and so on. But engravings are usually what first come to mind when thinking about custom jewellery, particularly with rings.

Lovers can exchange engraved engagement/wedding rings with each others names, anniversary dates, quotes or whatever you want on it.

Tech With a Personal Touch

If someone you know is a tech-lover then how cool would it be to let them have their own custom keyboard, mousepad, phone case, or whatever else it may be. 

In the gaming community, many professionals and celebrities have had their own branded equipment. Nowadays, you can get whatever image you want displayed across a things like a big mousemat, for example. Apple also offers engravings for their Airpods, iPhones, iPods, etc.

A Custom Happy Birthday Song

Birthdays, like Christmas, are days that are well spent when you receive a lot of gifts. What makes a birthday different from a Christmas is the fact that a birthday is a day special to only you. 

You’re sitting around a cake, candles lit, with family and friends and everyone’s singing “happy birthday”. How boring. It’s happened for basically every year of your life. 

Ok, well how about a custom happy birthday song? Instead of the usual gathering and song, a custom happy birthday song reminds you that your birthday is your birthday. 

It will be used as a memory forever, and would be great for big celebrations like a 21st, 30th, 50th and so on.

Personalised Calendar

A good corporate gift for a boss, or someone close who is constantly busy. Gift them a personalised calendar and for the rest of the year, they will have you in mind. 

If they’re a fan of sports, cars, a particular movie or show, animals, a celebrity, etc. then go ahead and craft together something that they are going to love based on their individual interests. 

Or, if it’s more personal, then include photos of you and them, places you’ve been and memorable moments.

Personal Pillows & Blankets

One of the best places to go to at the end of a hard long day is your lounge. A lounge room is an ideal spot to show off another set of personalised gifts - pillows and blankets. 

Why not put something funny on them for everyone to see? Or impress guests with something unique that clearly stands out. Not only that, it’s just plain cosy and practical to have. 

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