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The Power of Play Through Gravity

Attention all future engineers. The Gravity Elevator Vertical motor is based on the up and down movement of the spheres. Load the spheres at the top and watch as their weight moves a never-ending spiral and starts a real gravity elevator. Once they reach the bottom then the spheres join a track circuit full of amazing magnetic tricks and then descend once again to keep the elevator spinning.

Gravity is the innovative evolution of the Geomag Mechanics line. Developed with expert players in mind, the new construction system is based on an innovative gravity motor: this uses the weight of the Geomag spheres to kickstart the mechanisms and movements of the Geomag Mechanics structures. The motion is provided by the invisible forces of Gravity and Magnetism, without using electricity or batteries. The play experience is based on these fundamental principles of physics. Mechanics Gravity is a STEM product that can truly stimulate curiosity and inspire to learn more about science.


• Mechanical and magnetic construction system
• The 183 plastic mechanical elements are at the heart of the Gravity system
• A STEM product that can stimulate scientific learning
• Geomag products qualify in the STEM category (acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), which indicates an interdisciplinary approach to learning
• Swiss Made quality guarantee. All products are aligned with the most stringent European and international safety standards
• The Geomag lines, winners of numerous awards, help children of all ages to develop their imagination and curiosity through the science of magnetic construction

The Geomag Gravity Mechanics Vertical Motor Motor 183 Piece Set costs $48.99. For more information visit



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