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Hairstyling Essentials: Techniques and Tools for Salon-Worthy Hairdos

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The hairdressing techniques and tools that professional hairdressers use matter just as much as the style that you get in a salon.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or someone looking to up your home styling game, understanding these elements can make a world of difference.

Let's dive into some of the top must-haves that can help you achieve salon-quality results with impeccable consistency!

Techniques to achieve the perfect hairstyle

  • Sectioning: Sectioning your hair is the first and most important step towards achieving an on-point hairstyle. When curling, straightening, or styling, you should divide the hair into small sections so that the heat and products you apply are distributed evenly throughout the hair. The aim here is to give it a professional finish. You can use hair clips or hair ties to section your hair quickly and easily.

  • Blow-Drying: Blow-drying your hair with the correct technique is a great way to give your hairstyle a glow-up. It’s recommended to apply heat protection spray before blow-drying and use a good quality blow dryer that has multiple speeds and heat settings. A round brush might be necessary if you’re aiming for increased volume. Always blow dry by directing the airflow downwards to get smooth and silky hair.

  • Using heat hair styling tools: Curling wands, hair straighteners, and flat irons all help achieve different styles with heat. However, remember only to use high-quality styling tools with multiple heat settings to get your perfect hairstyle.

Hairdressing tools for professional results

Hairdressing isn’t just about technique. Having the right tools is just as important to achieving salon-worthy hairstyles.

Here's a quick rundown of essential hairdressing tools that can help you reach professional standards:

  • Hairbrushes: Get a mix of good quality hairbrushes like paddle brushes, round brushes and teasing brushes. Each of these brushes has a different purpose – detangling, teasing and adding volume, and smoothing the hair, respectively.

  • Hair Dryer: One of the most important hair salon tools, a lightweight yet powerful dryer is essential to get professional blow dry styles. Opt for a tool with ionic technology and tourmaline ceramic joints to prevent frizzy hair and allow for quicker drying.

  • Multi-functional curling wands and flat irons: Go for curling wands and flat irons with multiple heat settings and barrel size options to suit different hair lengths and types. Ceramic or titanium barrels ensure uniform distribution of heat for flawless results.

By incorporating these techniques and tools into your hairstyling routine, you can elevate your skills and achieve salon-quality hairdos effortlessly.

Whether you're creating sleek and straight styles or voluminous curls, mastering these essentials will help you achieve hair salon Surry Hills-worthy looks at home or in the salon.

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